If there is a challenging C-Suite business/marketing problem or opportunity I am most definitely for hire. Here are the 3 ways I get involved with clients:

1. CMO/Marketing Director Advisor

Meeting up 3 or 4 times a year I help develop the strategic agenda, offer ideas and unbiased opinion, work with the team to drive the through the initiatives.

2. Facilitation

I really enjoy designing and running workshops and board off-sites, particularly for the big mission-critical events.

3. Station X

…was the team within Bletchley Park that pulled together a highly select group with a depth and range of experience to crack the problem.

When the marketing challenge is really tough and not something a senior client or board can solve
internally or with any of their normal agency or consulting partners, I can pull together a stellar group of smart, independent people to work on a purely ad hoc basis. Tough briefs, high ticket, short timescale.

I don’t discuss actual clients, projects undertaken or successes achieved but can provide references for all of the above (and maybe they will).