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On the strength of a classic education at a minor Midlands Public School and a degree in Economics and Sociology from Bristol University I became a career marketer.

There are only 3 things of significance on my formal CV:-

1977 – 1988 = Unilever: Learned how to be a brand manager, local marketing director and then global category leader in one of the best marketing schools in the world.

1988 – 2002 = Added Value Group co-founder and CEO: learned about building a business from scratch, worked with great people and a wide range of blue-chip international brands, developed various methodologies for branding, market segmentation and innovation.

2002 – 2006 = SABMiller Plc Global Marketing Director: learned a lot about beer, how to make a big business more brand orientated and the realities of a big Plc executive board.

From 2006 to the present – I divide my time between 3 areas:-

Investment – in emerging marketing technology businesses, mostly through a fund, mTekventures.com, that I run with my USA based partner Patrick Meyer.

Writing – blog posts for my own site and the UK Marketing Society, some books, ebooks and articles links to which can be found here.

Advice – working either on my own or in small highly selected teams drawn from my network I continue to enjoy working with senior clients who have marketing problems to solve or brands/portfolios to grow. Go here to find out more.

In terms of other interests, unsurprisingly I can group them under 3 headings – family, golf, cars – and I continue to strive to be better at all of them!