New Improved

It’s been a few months but I’ve been busy. Welcome to the new site designed to stimulate your business brain and occasionally tickle your funny bone. This blog will continue in much the same vein as the previous beta version. In fact I am going to repost some the better blogs from the old site (which only a few of you read) and some from the Shoulders of Giants blog (which nobody read). There will be reviews of business books (and the best 25 of all time in my opinion), featured business content from around the world and a few short polemics from me.

There is a free download section where I publish my eBooks and you can access all the best titles from Shoulders of Giants. This is all free – how generous am I? Actually the SOG stuff is very generous – this includes some of the smartest business gurus offering the best of their advice in really easy to digest formats – eArticles, eBooks and videos.

I have decided that I will continue to allow my old mate Stame Reilly to blog and publish on this site. He is too hard-up (and bone idle) to run his own site and while I do not agree with most of what he says it is often quite funny. If anybody out there does get offended a) lighten up and get a life and b) direct your comments to him not me.

So enjoy and let me know what you think.

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