Has the Internet Changed Everything?

At Judie Lannon’s invitation (editor of Market Leader) Paul Feldwick and I have kicked off a debate about the impact of the internet on marketing. He is in the ‘nothing’s changed’ corner and I am arguing ‘everything has changed’. You can read his opening salvo (which picks up on comments I made in this blog) and my reply in the latest edition of Market Leader. The debate is continued on their web site.

As usual with these things, in reality, I don’t think Paul and I are that far apart. I don’t think the fundamentals of marketing will change that much, in other words the purpose and objectives of marketing, but the means by which we do marketing will change – already have in fact. More importantly business and marketing will change because people are changing. I argue this has always been the case – since the Stone Age, technology has changed society. The technology revolution we are living through is the biggest ever in terms of speed, scale and (low) cost. I am trying to focus the debate on 3 areas of change:-

1. The way we market goods and services (research, innovation, communications, pricing, distribution)
2. The goods and services (especially the latter) that we can market
3. The market itself – the internet is multi-dimensional exchange. It is BtoB, BtoC, CtoC and CtoB. What gets exchanged ranges from goods and services to ideas and the currency is money, time, information, entertainment and ideas.

Any way  – what do you think? Tune in and join the debate if not. I’ll keep you posted.

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