Thursday’s Joke (from Stame)

For some reason Sherrington is pissed off with me. I know he has been ‘blogging spasmodically’ when he has something important he wants to share (funny how this always coincides with some new book or business he’s punting). Not true of good old Stame – I constantly have gems and pearls I want to share but Sherrington keeps spiking them. This is not so hard to do if, like me, you have no access to the BCST (bloggy content system thingy) and no idea how to use it even if you did.
He has however let me start posting some Thursday Jokes (he had to – most people disregard the rest of the blog and just read this). So here’s my latest:-

A guy staggers home from the pub late at night, happy and pissed. As he passes a bush he hears a woman’s voice.
“Hey you, yes you – I don’t normally do this kind of thing but if you give me 30 quid you can have your way with me”
He thinks to himself that he doesn’t normally do this kind of thing either, but what the hell, so he hands over the money and in he goes.

After a few minutes a policeman comes along and shines his torch on the couple in the bush.

“What the hell do you think you two are up to?” he shouts.
The man replies:
“Do you mind officer, I’m making love to my wife”
“Terribly sorry, sir” says the Policeman, “I had no idea”.
“Neither did I ‘til you shone the torch”, replied the man.

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