Thursday’s Joke

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This one has a message. In the Shoulders of Giants free downloads there is an excellent paper by Howard Leigh on how to value and negotiate the sale of your business. The wisdom and knowledge contained in it could literally make millions for people if they are interested in selling their company. And of course almost everyone is, at the right price. So this weeks joke……

A nice looking guy goes up to a pretty girl in a bar. After a few pleasantries he tells her that he is multi-millionaire and asks whether she would make love with him for a million dollars. The girl blushes and says coyly, “That’s a lot of money, I suppose I’d have to think about it”.

“Well, then”, he asks, “do you fancy a quick shag for 50 cents?”  Outraged, she slaps his face. “What kind of girl do you think I am?”

“I know what kind of girl you are”, he replies,” I’m just negotiating the price”.

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