Now This is Scary

Building on my previous post about how marketers should get more interested in how the mind works, I cam across this in Professor Jack Gallant at Berkeley, California is perfecting the technology to read minds. To be more precise he has a machine that can see what the mind sees. You see a big elephant walking across a desert (an actual experiment they ran) and the machine can see the shape of this from your brain.

At the moment it is all very fuzzy, just about recognizable. But then the first phone call from Alexander Bell in 1876 was pretty ropey too. Less than a hundred years later and you could talk to anyone anywhere in the world. One suspects Professor Gallant will improve his technology much faster than Alexander Bell. Very soon we will be able to see clearly what people actually see and one has to believe, very shortly after, we will be able to know what they are thinking.

Right here, right now tells us of another scary development – this time an iPhone app (these things are turbo charging invention). Just point your phone at someone across the room and take a photo. Press the button and the app will then trawl the internet, especially social media sites, and give you all the information on this person. I’ve seen this in spy movies like Bourne Identity but here is the same technology that anyone can download to their phone.

The future is here.

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  2. Thanks for the post! People are crazy for not using more Twitter.

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