So You Wanna Know About eMarketing?

With such poor use of English you’d imagine this to be a post by Stame, but no, it’s me, the patron of this blog and this is the title of my latest eBook available here. As you may or may not know, I am non-exec Chairman of an eMarketing Agency, Quirk. They have written an excellent book that explains and educates people about eMarketing in much more detail. It is available as a free download and based on it, and other educational tools they have, they offer an on-line accreditation for aspiring digital marketers.

My eBook comes at eMarketing from a different angle – my angle. In other words it is mostly aimed at the ‘Old School’ marketer (like me a couple of years ago) who wants to understand eMarketing and what’s so different about it compared to the marketing they have grown up with. In the next two sections I give an insight on how to develop an eMarketing strategy and argue the case for having an eMarketing agency of record rather than going through your ad agency. Have a read (it’s only 50 pages) and let me know what you think.

I admit that my secondary target for the book is the ‘new school’ of digital marketers. I have learned the hard way that many of them (my Quirk colleagues being the exception, ahem) don’t understand what we ‘old school’ don’t understand. The have grown up digital and don’t get why we don’t think like they do and visa versa. As you might have guessed, I make a case for the best of both worlds – the basics of business and brand strategy still have a place in the new digital world.

So do you ‘wanna’ know about eMarketing? Well you should, so start with my eBook and then read Quirk’s so you can actually learn how to do it.

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