Thursday’s Joke

A guy, Bob, boards a plane and finds he is sitting next to Cindy Crawford – can’t believe his luck! But then his luck changes as the plane crashes and he is the only survivor, washed up on a desert island. His luck changes for the better again when he realizes that there is one other survivor, the very gorgeous Cindy.

They make themselves comfortable, build a shelter and start to catch fish and lobsters in the lagoon, which they cook over an open fire. The second night on the island, after another day of swimming in the lagoon and enjoying a fine seafood supper, Cindy says to Bob, “Look it’s only you and me and it doesn’t look like we’re going to get rescued any time soon. You’re a nice looking guy, why don’t we make love?”.

And so it goes for the next few weeks. They sleep in late, wake up, make love, go swimming, catch some supper, make love again and then snuggle down by the open fire. Life is good.

But then one night, after they have made love and are sitting by the fire, Cindy notices Bob is a bit down. “What is it Bob, is it something I’ve done?”

“No, not all Cindy, you’re just wonderful, everything about our lives here is wonderful. I’m just being silly. It’s a stupid guy thing”
Cindy urges him to tell her what the problem is and eventually he confesses:

“It is just a stupid guy thing but I miss my mates”

Cindy says, “I totally understand Bob and I want to help you. Why don’t I, just for tonight, pretend I’m your best mate, what is his name?”

“Fred”, Bob says, “but Cindy you don’t look much like Fred!”.

At this, Cindy gets up, fetches some coconut oil and slicks back her hair. She gets cinders from the fire and smears them across her face to give herself a 5 O’clock shadow. She lowers her voice and says, “Hey Bob, it’s me Fred, your best mate”
Bob looks at Fred and says:-

“Here Fred, you’ll never guess who I’ve been shagging for the last month!”

So You Want to Run an Agency?

A few months back I finally got round to writing an eBook about my views on running (and selling) agencies. It’s available as a free download on this site. I make it clear at the beginning that I don’t regard this as a seminal work. It’s just my views based on my experience from running The Added Value Group and working with many other agencies and consultancies over the years.

I always made it my business to quiz people in other businesses about all aspects of building and managing an agency, to see what I could learn. And some people have been kind enough to ask me. I have gladly offered my advice with the proviso that it’s just one point of view and that, like me, they should get lots of different perspectives and cherry pick what they think will work for them. For better or worse I have now written this all down and made it available, for FREE, to anyone who is interested. It covers all the important aspects, as I see them, from managing the people, winning and keeping clients, to the more prosaic stuff like what to call the agency and how to design the offices. There’s a chunky section on financial management and how/whether/when to sell the business.

A few heads of agencies I know have now read it and have recommended it to their colleagues – there are a few nice twitters floating around about it this week. So it can’t be complete rubbish. I stress it is a personal view, an input into a debate all good agencies should continually have – only the curious win. Stame’s eBook is funnier (and more profane) but if you run an agency, or aspire to, mine is perhaps more useful.

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